Caring For Your Jewelry


Each handmade piece that leaves our studio has been designed with elegance and viability in mind.  To extend the life of your piece(s) polish where necessary with a soft lint-free cloth to maintain the original lustrous finish. Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products, etc.


Special Care for Silver Items:

Silver is an element that naturally oxidizes upon contact with air. Over time, silver can appear to tarnish and/or darken. Remove when cleaning, swimming and taking a shower. The chemicals used during these activities could cause immediate tarnishing.

To slow down this process we have provided a complimentary special anti-tarnish pouch for your silver piece(s). Store your jewelry in a cool, dry, dark place. The bag provided will slow tarnishing and prevent scratching by other pieces in your jewelry box. If possible, handle your jewelry with jeweler’s gloves or a lint-free cloth. Please contact us at to purchase exclusive microfiber cloths for your jewelry.