Swarovski® Crystal


Please look for your MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® Authenticity Certificate within your package, this label guarantees the authenticity of the Swarovski® brand crystal.

Our brand partner SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® is the premium label for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. The brand stands out by virtue of its creative and strong emotional appearance. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® encapsulates all the beauty in the eye of the beholder, thanks to the purity, the precision cutting and perfect polishing of the crystals. The brand represents the rich cultural tradition of Central Europe, and the ethics and the technological innovation that are Swarovski hallmarks.

The MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® label serves as a certificate of authenticity. It marks products which are made with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS®.

Your piece is accompanied with a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® label and may include further literature on the beauty of the very best crystals in existence.